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09 June 2015 @ 12:17 pm
July 2015
Chinen Yuri > (Matsushima) Sou : Then next time let's do Chinesshii and Matsusshii fairies' imitation !
Kitayama Hiromitsu > (Matsumura) Hokuto : You're 20 ? Time flies ~ In order to fly, everyone turn 20, okay ? Let's go eat something whenever you want ~
(note : he actually says 飛ぶように but I'm not sure of the translation)
Fumito Kawai > (Yokoo) Wataru : You're not free so don't invite me !
Fumito Kawai > Marius (Yo) : Please look forward next year too (in April's wink up, Marius thanks him for the new year's gift)

Kawai (Fumito) and (Kikuchi) Fuma's interactions
Kawai : Let's do something fun !
Fuma : This is not enough.
Kawai : I want to do it ~

Kawai and Yasui (Kentarou)'s interactions
Yasui : Let's do a Kawai meeting again !
Kawai : We will.

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To (Kikuchi) Fuma : We don't talk a lot but, I don't think this is good or bad. Because I'm shy, my voice isn't really loud but, if I was able to speak up we would definitively talk !
To Kiriyama (Akito) : Aw, it's okay now.
To myself : What do you do on your day off ?

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23 July 2014 @ 12:04 pm

About 3nin or 5nin

Beside I'd say about one-two songs (and a new one ... at least if it didn't appear in Shokura when I was gone), they all sang together. Of course, there had more solo than usual. But they did. And fans screamed for MariSou's solos as much as others.

The solo

There had two bunch of solo : First they all sang a medley. Kento sang Teleportation, JMK's song then Candy in that order. I can't say for Shori (sorry but you all know I don't like Shori's solos) but he sang 49's song and the girl beside me fainted XD. Fuma did an introduction where he talked english and while this time, everyone was like stunned because this was sooo intensed and it is the ONLY moment where all the fan just shut. He then sang Rouge and Fake. MariSou had their thing together but it was expected.

THEN, they all presented another solo. It was all new songs ! Kento's Love kaze (if I remember correctly) and Fuma ... didn't name it, haha. At this time MariSou also re-did a solo thing (always with Jr.)


There were no MC. At least not like when they stop and talk. Instead they did little «corners » if I can say and it was funny ! For one of them, it was before a new song (Rolling ...?) and MariSou didn't appear.

Penlight project
I did not know but, they had a lot ... i'd say, almost just the previous heart penlight and a lot was opened on the green color (and red) but I don't know if it means anything !

Fuma put a lot of english in his lyrics (yes, again, xD) and Kento made an introduction in english to his new song, to be short, he said that he was in love to another jr.